Airport and other airfield restrictions

The government has introduced a restriction around every protected aerodrome in the UK, which is a 2 (or 2.5) nautical mile radius cylinder and a series of 5Km rectangular zones from the end of each runway threshold- all of which extend up to 2000ft above the surface. It is illegal to fly anywhere in this area without permission from the air traffic control unit at the aerodrome, or if not operational, from the aerodrome itself.

A map is provided below, which shows all applicable airspace restrictions to UAS. You can move around the map, and zoom in and out, and select a restriction for more information, including how to obtain permission to fly within it.

Developers can download the data (KML files etc.) from NATS’ AIS website at NATS | AIS – Home

UAS Airspace Restrictions Map

This map enables UA operators to remain clear of airspace restrictions, and to find out how to obtain permission to fly within them.

It is illegal to fly any drone at any time within these airspace restrictions, unless you have permission from the aerodrome, air traffic control unit or whichever agency is responsible for issuing permission. More details can be found by clicking each restriction.