We’re asking the GA community to help in educating drone users on how to fly safely. We’re asking GA airfields, flying clubs and flying schools to host their local drone pilots and share with them safe flying hints and tips and advice on your local airspace.

Drones can bring many benefits but to achieve those everyone flying a drone now must do so safely. The number of incident reports featuring drones is rising and GA aircraft and helicopters are potentially most at risk from a drone collision.

As well as reducing the risk of mid-air collision the scheme is also an opportunity to introduce drone pilots to the world of GA.
The CAA is running a successful national education campaign to explain to drone users the need to follow the UK rules explained in the Dronecode. The GA community is now being asked to help support this, and enhance their own safety, by educating their local drone users.

From this page you can download a toolkit to run and publicise your event.

The kit provides:

  • Materials to advertise an event locally including a press release, flyers and posters – you can edit these to promote your specific event
  • An editable presentation on drone rules and drone pilot responsibilities that can be tailored to also explain the local airspace and GA operations
  • The Dronecode – the simple guide to the rules for flying a drone
  • Training record cards for drone pilots. On these drone pilots can record their training and there is also the opportunity for you to sign their card to confirm that they have attended the event. A separate card is included that can be used to record local flying information and airfield contact details, as many drone pilots will contact an airfield if they plan to fly nearby. We have branded wallets for these cards available on request.

GA airfields are free to use the kits and host their own events as and when possible. For any further information and holders for the record cards please email