Dronesafe retailers

Drone retailers can now sign up to be DroneSafe approved by following a specific set of guidelines when selling drones. With the number of drone purchases rising year on year, it is hoped that the initiative will encourage safer use of the technology, with consumers properly educated on when, where, and how they can use their drones safely.

Compliant retailers will be awarded with a DroneSafe approval, with consumers soon to be encouraged to look out for the symbol to ensure they are buying their drones from a trustworthy and responsible supplier.

To comply retailers must declare that they are:

  • Providing customers with a copy of the Dronecode in the box of any drone over 250g
  • Alternatively, a copy of the Dronecode must be presented to customers at the point of sale
  • Prominently displaying the Dronecode instore
  • Providing clear advice to customers on following the Dronecode
  • Adding links to the dronesafe.uk site to online drone product pages

Finally, each store will need a knowledgeable drone person on its staff – someone who is fully aware of the Dronecode, can answer customer queries and train fellow colleagues.

Retailers can apply to join the initiative by declaring to the CAA that they meet the criteria and submitting details below. On receipt of your declaration we will contact you with more information and confirm that you can then display the dronesafe approval logo.

  • Name * REQUIRED
  • Email * REQUIRED
  • I confirm that my company meets the Dronesafe retailer criteria listed above. * REQUIRED

The CAA supports any measure to improve drone safety but, as a regulator, cannot endorse individual retailers or products.